What We Do

Bringing the Thames together to facilitate knowledge exchange and unite skill sets


  1. Flood Risk Management - To ensure that the best possible flood risk management procedures are being followed and that resources for flood risk management are sufficient.
  2. Environment - To conserve, improve and restore a natural and biodiverse river environment wherever possible for the benefit both of nature and people.
  3. Planning – To assist Local Authorities in working together to establish a coordinated planning policy framework for the River Thames and its valley corridor.
  4. Tourism and Marketing – To effectively promote the River Thames as a visitor destination to the benefit of both visitors and the regional economy.
  5. Navigation and Moorings - To develop a Thames-wide Moorings strategy that will resolve the problems created by unauthorised boats occupying recreational and public moorings whilst improving access for all.
  6. Sport and Recreation - To increase the use of the Thames for water-based sport and physical recreation, focusing particularly on better access those where not currently readily available.
  7. Education - To encourage the use of the Thames for educational purposes and to be a source of information about the programmes and facilities that are available.